Artist statement

Lehdistö kuva 3


Object (noun)
Simple. Absurd. Practical. Paradoxically human.

Object (verb)
Use of objects for poetic and political matters.

I object (political statement)
I object against the common indifference to small details and the disregard of all that is not efficient. I object so as to draw the attention towards what we have often no time to pay attention to.


I am a puppeteer by profession and a professional day dreamer, looking for ways to bring out the poetry that lies within the everyday, to share the small details that makes life worth seeing.  So I kidnap puppets and objects out of their context, in order to tell and to re-tell.

Through my work, I want to re-enchant the world, especially the « little » world: local, rural, intimate. I want to reach out towards people, towards their stories, towards their culture and participates in bringing back life and a convivial philosophy in places that are left abandoned.

Little woman myself, I claim:
– A shifted point of view on people, their everyday, their surroundings;
– An itinerant work, from departures to encounters;
– A will to draw the attention to details.

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