As a puppeteer, I have developed my own theoretical and practical courses, aimed at both professionals and amateurs. The contents of the courses can vary according to the needs of the participants.

Workshops can also be ordered within the creation of a performance. Together with the working group, the course will then be orientated to find/explore/develop new stage material for this very project . Please contact me for more information.

The basics of manipulation
The course is an introduction to the basic principles of puppet/object manipulation: breathing, impulses and counter-movement, direction in space, focus of the puppet, focus on the puppet, discovering the specifics of each object, rhythms…
The aim of the course is to develop a sensibility particular to puppet theatre, and  – for the professionals – to widen their approach to the puppet.
This course is strongly influenced by two of my teachers, Ari Ahlholm and Rene Baker (

Puppetry for actors
The course is meant for professional or amateur actors who want to widen their practice using visual theatre tools. The participants will explore the dramaturgical and expressive potential of visual elements through composition and movement.
Puppet theatre techniques are used to manipulate the space, the stage design, the costumes, the actor’s body, objects and puppets.
The course is based on the “devised theatre” process.

Building giant puppets
The course proposes to the participants to build one or many giant puppets that could be used for outdoor happenings or indoor performances. The main structure is built out of willow. The rest depends on the specific needs of the group (amount of puppeteers / indoor or outdoor / scale).

Glove puppets: from construction to manipulation
The course gives a complete introduction to Italian glove puppetry. The participant will first build their own hand puppet, then discover the basics of glove puppet manipulation.

Semiotics and visual theatre (theoretical course)
The course is based on my written final work in Turku Arts Academy (accessible here). It offers to consider semiotics as a creative and analytical tool in the practice of visual theatre. During the course we explores questions such as: how to create images that make sense for the audience ? How to read and write signs on the stage, that is images in movement ? What semiotic tools are available when the creative process gets stuck ?
The course can be generally theoretical or applied to one particular project.