Besides my work as a puppeteer, and strongly inspired by it, I also work as a graphic designer. Here are some of my works.



NUKKETEATTERILEHTI, Finnish magazine for Puppet, object and visual theatre. Magazine published by the association Suomen UNIMA

nukketeatterilehti-kansio-2-2016 nukketeatterilehti-kansio-warmer


ASSOCIATION SOL-OLYMPE, Social Currency in Montauban (France)
Design of six Bank Notes and Logo for the association.



ASSOCIATION SOL-VIOLETTE, Social currency in Toulouse (France).
Illustrations, layout and graphic chart. “Le guide de la route du Sol”: 150 pages booklet.
You can access the complete book in PDF here : La Route du Sol (it will take time, the file is quite a heavy one)

LA ROUTE DU SOL marges perdues